Shabbat Shalom and some pics :o)

Shabbat Shalom and some pics :o)

Shabbat Shalom my precious friends and family!

I had to heartily agree tonight as I read my friends comment on days flying into weeks, and weeks into months! The time truly does seem to be flying by at an incredible pace! Are we truly almost half way through 2018 already?! It seems impossible, yet the date confirms that it isn’t.

April was a busy month for me, with Lars, my adopted grandfather, coming from the states to see me for 3 weeks! What a treat that was! We got to see quite a few places and couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather than we had!

We also said goodbye to a couple more residents, one being a 97 year old! This is one side of serving that is hard on the one hand, as you become so close to them, yet is a blessing on the other hand, knowing that in some small way, God has enabled us to tenderly care for them, pray with them, and walk through this last leg of their journey here on earth and at times, being able to be with them as they leave this world and go to be with our Lord! You know, few get to experience this side of life with another, but it has so deeply touched me, being able to experience it here, and watching the other residents as they say goodbye to dear and precious friends. We know that when we say “goodbye” here, it is only for a short time, knowing that as believers, death here on earth, only means life with Him!

One precious memory I will always hold close to me, is being able to be apart of the gathering a few times around their beds, as workers and other residents themselves, quietly sang to those dying. So often I have found myself holding them close, as they let the tears fall, saying that they were joyful on one hand knowing they would soon be free from this body and free from all suffering, yet knowing for themselves, there was that sadness of having to part with dear friends. We spoke about how we all one day will be rejoined, and the joy that it will be when none of us will ever have to part again, and the absolute joy it will be to be in His presence!!!!

You begin to realize just how precious and short life really is. Sometimes we can think we have so much longer to live, but the truth is, we never know how long we have. Even looking back over my life, I often find myself asking my heavenly father where the time went…could we really already be half way through 2018?! Could I really be 34? It seems like it was a blink of the eye, and half my life has already been lived according to scripture (Psalms 90:10, “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”).

But the question we should be asking ourselves is, are we truly ready to meet our Saviour and King, Yeshua our Redeemer and Messiah? And not only are we ready to die and meet Him, but are we already living our lives for Him now? Are we using the time He has given us, for His glory, honor, and praise? Or are we living for ourselves, seeking pleasures which have no value, no worth, in light of eternity? How are we living our lives, my precious friends? How I pray that we live each and every single minute, hour, day, week, month, and year for His glory and honor!!! We have been placed here for a purpose and for a set time, DON’T waste it!! Seek Him daily! Ask Him what it is He needs you doing in the here and now and realize that as part of the body of Messiah, we all have tasks that need to be accomplished! Don’t let the body suffer, because you aren’t willing to accomplish and do your part in it. No one part can do it all. We need each other, we need each part of the body, and we need to work together…not half heartily, but with all of our strength and with all of our hearts, serve Him with everything you have! Give Him your all!!

Lately, I have been reading through the book of Acts and one of the things that really stood out to me, was how the body really pulled together. When there was a need, people were assigned to it, and did it whole heartily! Take the widows not being cared for. When this need arose, the disciples understood that they could not do everything, they needed help from other godly people to stand up and fill in the gap. Their work had to continue and so they found and appointed seven other godly men to stand up, who willingly filled in this gap, and took care of this area that was lacking. When these men stood up and filled in the gap, it freed the other disciples to keep on doing the work that they were called to do! And we too, need your help! We need your daily prayers, as we continue on in the work here that God has graciously given us to do, but I want to also ask you to prayerfully consider helping support us, as we not only meet the growing needs of caring for these precious saints, but especially as we are called to expand and begin our building project (read the past article for more details)! It is a big project and a big endeavor, but it is one that is a must, and with God’s help, we will accomplish it!

But even if you are unable to financially support or donate to help the physical work here go on, I ask for your daily prayerful support for guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as we continue in this work. I thank you for your prayers! We all thank you for your prayers! đŸ™‚ We could not do it without His daily love, help, strength, mercy and grace! He is SO good to us and SO faithful!!!

I will leave you with a few promised pictures of the Banias trip! What a beautiful creation He has blessed us with!!!

Shabbat Shalom my precious family and friends!


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